Midjourney Promo Code [2024]

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There is currently no available Midjourney promo code.

We checked everywhere.

Midjourney is still in beta and has never offered promotional codes for its paid subscription plans.

We will continue to monitor the official website, Discord, and Twitter accounts for any updates, particularly during holiday periods.

Midjourney Promo Code Tracker

No promotional codes available today

However, Midjourney does offer a 20% discount for customers that purchase an annual plan rather than paying monthly.


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While there’s no promo code available today, we will share some information about Midjourney’s free trial and how to get the most value out of a paid subscription.

Midjourey Free Trial (No Promo Code)

2023 Update: Midjourney’s Free Trial is currently on hold

Source: Midjourney Discord

The Midjourney free trial offers 25 free image generations. You actually get 100 images during the trial because Midjourney generates images in grids of 4.

If you haven’t already, we recommend checking out the free trial.

It’s a great way to get hands-on experience with one of the most powerful generative AI image tools available today.

Midjourney community showcase
Source: Midjourney

Like we mentioned before, there is currently no promo code to use when you sign up for a paid Midjourney account.

But if you are looking to save some money, paying for an annual subscription will save you 20%.

Not to mention, an annual account will also lock you into the current pricing in case Midjourney raises subscription rates down the road.

Given the massive demand and interest around Midjourney, it’s possible they may have to raise prices to cover additional costs.

Midjourney Cost Without Promo Code

Midjourney pricing plans, promo code
Midjourney pricing

Looking at the Basic Plan ($10 per month), you can generate roughly 200 images using Midjourney’s latest models. This comes out to about 5 cents per image.

Considering the incredible quality of Midjourney’s outputs, we’ve found this to be an extraordinary value.

Midjourney promo code sample AI generation
Midjourney sample generation

If you’re still on the fence, we did a deep dive into Midjourney cost that can help you decide which, if any, plan is right for you.

Personally, we’re using the Basic Plan. 200 images per month have been more than enough to experiment with the platform and generate AI images to use for various projects.

An added bonus with the paid plan is that the Midjourney license grants you full commercial rights to your images.

On the other hand, images generated by free trial users only have non-commercial rights and credit Midjourney by linking to its website.

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Does Midjourney offer a promo code?

No, Midjourney does not currently offer a promotional code to customers.

However, customers can save 20% on a paid subscription by purchasing an annual plan.

Will Midjourney offer a promo code in the future?

It’s possible, but at the moment, Midjourney is still officially in beta. It is run by a small team that is focused on improving the product and user experience.

Once the full version is released to the public, it is more likely the team will shift its focus to customer acquisition strategies.

Does Midjourney offer a free trial?

The Midjourney free trial is currently on an indefinite hold due to high demand for compute resources.

Midjourney had a free trial that allowed users to generate 25 AI images. The only requirement to sign up for a trial is to have a Discord account.

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