Midjourney Statistics: Users, Polls, & Growth [Oct 2023]

In this post, I will share several compelling Midjourney statistics that shed light on the platform’s size, growth, and user behavior.

This collection of insights and data will provide a better understanding of the platform’s impact and reach within the AI image generation industry and broader AI community.

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Midjourney Statistics For User Base

Midjourney statistics discord server
Source: Midjourney Discord

Midjourney’s Discord has 14.5 million registered members. About 1.1 million (7.5%) of those members are online and active at any given time.

Midjourney’s website has seen dramatic traffic growth in 2023.

However, in May, the platform started to see a decrease in website traffic for the first time.

Over the Summer, Midjourney’s website saw a dramatic decrease in traffic.

MetricJan 2023Feb 2023Mar 2023Apr 2023May 2023June 2023Jul 2023Aug 2023Sep 2023
Midjourney Website Traffic (Million)29.131.641.442.735.528.526.821.018.1
Month Over Month Growth (%)9%31%3%-17%-20%-6%-22%-14%
Source: Similarweb

In terms of search popularity, Midjourney currently leads both Stable Diffusion and DALL·E.

Midjourney statistics on google trends
Source: Google Trends (Popularity Index, 100 = Peak)

Midjourney Reddit Statistics

Midjourney reddit header

A big part of Midjourney’s growth is due to its active community on Reddit.

The Midjourney subreddit currently has over 275k members.

Midjourney reddit subscribers
r/Midjourney Subscribers (Source: Subreddit Stats)

These users are also among the most active on Reddit, in large part to the visual image-sharing nature of the community.

Midjourney Reddit comments per day statistics
r/Midjourney User Comments Per Day (Source: Subreddit Stats)

Midjourney User Behavior

Most Midjourney report using the platform for fun rather than pure utility.

Midjourney UsageCountPercentage
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

In fact, a whopping 72% of Midjourney members indicated that they have never shared any of their images online.

Midjourney Images Posted on InternetCountPercentage
I never post my images1,23572%
Maybe half26916%
Maybe 1 in 101589%
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

Of Midjourney users that have shared their AI-generated imags on social media, most (45%) have posted these images to Instagram.

Sharing Images on Social Media PlatformsCountPercentage
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

When it comes to learning how to use Midjourney, most users prefer hands-on learning via looking at others’ examples.

How do you like to learn on Midjourney?FrequencyPercentage (%)
social media posts1633%
looking at other people’s prompts2,18845%
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

Midjourney Technical User Statistics

It’s no surprise that Midjourney users tend to be more technically proficient than the average person.

Nearly half (43%) of Midjourney users report some level of coding or programming knowledge.

However, most (57%) users indicated zero technical coding knowledge, which speaks to the accessibility of Midjourney.

Knowledge of Coding / ProgrammerCountPercentage
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

Of Midjourney’s users with coding experience, about half (46%) of them self-reported a medium level of technical proficiency.

Proficiency Level in Programming / CodingCountPercentage
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

Surprisingly, nearly a third of Midjourney users self-report using AI chatbots rarely or never.

Do you ever use AI chatbots?CountPercentage
All the time42911%
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

This suggests many of Midjourney’s users are creatives that are exclusively interested in generative AI for design and art applications.

Midjourney Device Usage

Midjourney is widely available through the Discord platform. Discord can be accessed via most web browsers like Chrome and Safari, as well as Apple and Android apps.

A majority of Midjourney users (54%) report using Android as their mobile OS.

Mobile OSCountPercentage
iOS / Apple2,34046%
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

For myself and other American readers, this might come as a surprise.

But Andriod has over 70% of the global market share.

So for Midjourney users, Apple is actually overrepresented due to the higher share of North American users.

As for desktop users, a vast majority (72%) are using Windows.

Computer OSCountPercentage
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

For reference, below is the global OS market share.

Operating System statistics
Source: Wikipedia

Comparing the two tables, Mac OS is roughly 2x overrepresented among Midjourney users.

Midjourney Professional Usage

While many news headlines have suggested AI image generators will put creative professionals out of work, most Midjourney users (77%) are on the platform for recreational purposes.

Midjourney for Job or Professional UseCountPercentage
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

Further, the majority of Midjourney users reported not having a professional background in the art or design industry.

One potential takeaway here is that Midjourney is democratizing access to creativity for people who lack specific training.

Employment in Art or Design IndustryCountPercentage
I have been in the past2297%
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

Notably, the generous Midjourney license is one reason many creative professionals might opt to use the platform for work.

Midjourney Mental Health

Over 25% of Midjourney users self-report improvements to mental health from using the platform.

Midjourney’s Impact on Mental HealthCountPercentage
Very strong positive impact1,39928%
Very negative1804%
I’m not sure54311%
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

Midjourney Art Therapy

Art therapy consists of using creative methods of expression to hone communication skills, strengthen self-awareness, destress, and explore past traumas.

A vast majority of Midjourney’s users (83%) reported using Midjourney as a form of art therapy.

Midjourney as a Form of Art TherapyCountPercentage
I don’t understand51411%
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

Midjourney Geography

Most Midjourney users report they live in the West (Americas/Europe).

North America2,80151%
Australia / Oceania2535%
South America1332%
Source: Official Midjourney Discord Poll

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