5 Best Custom GPTs To Use In ChatGPT

OpenAI’s new custom GPT feature lets users create personalized versions of ChatGPT.

These specialized chatbots are trained with individualized prompts, data, and API access to hundreds of websites.

In this post, I will share the top custom GPTs that will help you increase productivity, improve learning speed, and simply have some fun.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A Custom GPT?

GPT Builder in ChatGPT

A Custom GPT is a special version of ChatGPT made by OpenAI. You can make it work the way you want by adding your own information.

It’s like making a robot that talks based on what you teach it.

You don’t need to know how to code to do this.

These special GPTs can do different things, like answer questions about your business, help make chatbots for particular jobs, or work with things like databases and emails.

There’s a tool to help you set up your Custom GPT just right.

If you have ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise, you can use Custom GPTs and share them with others in the GPT Store.

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Best Custom GPTs


AutoExpert CHAT v6 – GPT Edition automatically impanels a dynamic group of experts to answer, debate, and drill into any question you have.

This reminds me of what Autogpts were trying to accomplish.

Plug in any topic or question, and a team of specialized AIs will weigh in with answers, follow-up questions, and insights.

If you are ever lost, simply type /help for more info.

Idea Generator – Brainstormer

This GPT employs cognitive strategies like amplifying, focusing, iterating, contrasting, and analogizing to enhance and refine ideas.

Its primary function is to iteratively enhance ideas based on suggestions, display them, and provide specific, actionable, and constructive suggestions for improvement.

Brainstormer leverages an optimized skill chain to combine abilities for creative brainstorming and problem-solving efficiently.

YT Scriptwriter

This YT scriptwriter custom GPT’s features include crafting engaging content with imaginative storytelling, leveraging audience psychology, and optimizing for SEO.

It can also structure videos with effective calls to action and catchy titles.

The GPT is trained to understand niche research, consumer behavior, industry trends, YouTube algorithms, and marketing fundamentals.

It’s built for collaboration, script-to-video processes, audience intuition, flexibility, and project management.

Biohacking Master Dr. Helix

Dr. Helix has expertise in several key areas of relevance to biohacking.

From genomic editing to data analysis, Dr. Helix has the ability to offer valuable insights related to human optimization.

What sets Dr. Helix apart is a meticulous and creative approach to understanding various health protocols and recommendations that standard ChatGPT shies away from.

Gantt Chart GPT

This project management assistant can auto-generate an editable Gantt chart from your project files (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, CSV, etc).

It’s perfect for students, analysts, consultants, and project managers to help organize roadmaps and timelines for collaborative work.

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