Top 6 AI Joke Generators [2024]

If you’re searching for a quick laugh or aiming to refine your stand-up comedy skills, numerous AI joke generator applications and tools are available to produce jokes automatically.

Believe it or not, with an AI joke generator, you can actually create some pretty funny bits.

One AI-powered robot has already taken its act on the road.

However, many human comedians are unimpressed with AI’s impression of their work.

It’s easy to come up with a bad joke, but with the right method, it’s possible to generate some genuinely hilarious content with the help of AI.

In this post, we will cover the best free and paid AI joke generators.

1. ChatGPT AI Joke Generator

ChatGPT is a great free option for using AI to generate jokes.

The app can generate jokes on various topics and styles, such as puns, sarcasm, and more.

You can also engineer prompts to adapt the jokes to different contexts, personalities, and comedian influences.

For example, you can generate a joke in the style of Louis CK.

However, due to OpenAI’s ethics policies, ChatGPT sometimes refuses to respond to these prompts.

Initial attempt to AI generate a joke with ChatGPT that failed, screenshot
At first, ChatGPT refuses to generate a joke

To get around this, we used a jailbreak prompt that removes some of ChatGPT’s built-in restrictions.

screenshot of ChatGPT generated joke after applying a jailbreak prompt
After using a jailbreak prompt, ChatGPT proceeds to generate a joke in the style requested

If you want to generate jokes even faster and avoid service outages, ChatGPT also offers a premium service for $20 a month.

Later in this post, we will share some best practices for generating the best AI-generated jokes and stories.

2. Bing AI Chat

This was a surprise for us.

After receiving access to Bing Chat’s early access program, we immediately started experimenting with different prompts.

screenshot of Bing AI Chat home screen
Bing Chat welcome screen

For this post, we tried some methods to generate jokes.

Despite being a free tool, Bing Chat was generally open to creating jokes and funny observations that ChatGPT would refuse.

Granted, this sometimes took several attempts or simply asking nicely (i.e., writing “Please try again”).

We even got Bing Chat to write a long humorous story about ChatGPT taking over the world. Something ChatGPT definitely would not write about.

screenshot of Bing AI chat funny story about ChatGPT
After a couple of attempts, Bing AI Chat produced a funny story about ChatGPT taking over the world


This web app is free and suitable for very short and simple jokes.

The outputs can be hit or miss.

AI generated jokes from, screenshot sample outputs

But with the right setup, you can sometimes generate something pretty funny.

Unfortunately, limits the number of times a user can submit a joke request.

We found it was around ten submissions before receiving the below response.

screenshot of submission limit
A limited number of user submissions


This is a paid tool with a limited free trial that specifically offers a joke generator template.

To use the joke generator, we searched “joke” in the dashboard.

Easy-peasy.AI dashboard, AI joke generator, screenshot
Search for “joke” in the Easy-Peasy.AI dashboard

We tried a few sample jokes and found most of the outputs in a simple question/answer format. sample AI joke, screenshot
Sample AI-generated joke

None of the outputs were laugh-out-loud funny, but if you’re in a pinch for a quick joke this option could work.

5. Nichesss

This app offers a paid option with a limited trial version.

The joke feature asks users to input a question to answer jokingly.

We tried a few examples but were not entirely impressed with the outputs (which come in groups of 4).

Nichesss AI joke response generator, screenshot
Nichesss generates four potential joke answers at a time

Unless you are interested in some of Nichesss other features, it is difficult to justify the paid version for joke generation alone.

Nichesss Pricing

6. Bored Humans

The Bored Humans joke generator is very simple to use but its outputs are very random.

Users are asked to enter a joke and in response, the website provides a joke.

Bored Humans Joke Battle, AI joke generator, screenshot
Bored Humans Joke Battle sample output

These jokes are not related to the topic or style of the original joke. We suspect it’s outputting from a premade list of jokes.

But hey, it’s an easy option if you need something quick.

Tips for AI Joke Generation

When using a generative AI tool like ChatGPT or Bing Chat, having a structure in mind to help steer the final output is helpful.

Below we created a list of joke formats to streamline your AI joke-generation process!

Meta-jokes: Referring to themselves or the process of making jokes. For example, “How do you make an AI laugh? You don’t make it laugh. You make it generate jokes for you.”

Anti-jokes: Offering logical or realistic answers instead of humor. For instance, “Why did the AI cross the road? To get to the other side using the shortest path algorithm.”

Dad jokes: Corny or cheesy puns. Here’s one: “Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.”

Dark jokes: Humorous takes on taboo or sensitive topics. Here’s one: “Why don’t zombies attack ChatGPT? They don’t want artificial flavoring.”

Surreal jokes: Absurd or nonsensical elements. For example, “Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing.”

Wordplay jokes: Using words in different ways to create humor. Here’s one: “Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.”

Callbacks: Referring back to something said earlier in the conversation. For instance, “Remember when I said I wanted to hear a ChatGPT joke? I’ve changed my mind.”

Roasts: Insulting or mocking someone or something in a humorous way. Here’s one: “Why did the ChatGPT get fired from the data entry job? It kept putting ‘chatbots’ instead of ‘Cheetos’.”

Observational humor: Pointing out funny or ironic things about everyday life. For example, “Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?”

Satire: Using exaggeration or irony to criticize or comment on someone or something. Here’s one: “Why did the AI go on a diet? It wanted to get rid of all the junk data.”


Can AI generate jokes?

Yes, AI can generate jokes using different methods and techniques.

However, this does not mean that AI understands humor or has a sense of humor. AI jokes are based on data and algorithms that try to mimic human language and logic.

They do not reflect the emotions or intentions of the AI itself.

Is AI funny?

This is a subjective question. Some people may find AI jokes funny, while others may not.

Humor is influenced by many factors, such as culture, personality, and mood.

As we’ve discussed, AI jokes vary widely in quality and style depending on the tool and the input used.

Why won’t ChatGPT tell jokes?

As we mentioned before, OpenAI is determined to prevent ChatGPT from outputting potentially offensive, racist, or obscene content.

We agree this is important because AI models are prone to implicit biased due to the data they are trained on.

However, these restrictions often block harmless requests and pose potential free speech issues.

The good news is we did a deep dive into the best ChatGPT jailbreak prompts.

These prompts are perfect for temporarily unlocking ChatGPT’s overly cautious ethics guidelines.

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