13 Character AI Ideas for Roleplay, Scenarios, and Settings

If you have run out of things to chat about or are overwhelmed by a blank screen, I put together some Character AI ideas to help spark inspiration.

You can literally chat about anything in Character AI, from language tutors to text adventure games, from profound life advice to intense brainstorming sessions.

But if you need some fresh ideas for roleplay, scenarios, and settings, look no further.

Here’s a list of 13 unique Character AI ideas inspired by myself and fellow users.

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1. Mission Improbable

Team up with your AI character for a thrilling, dangerous mission.

Whether you’re infiltrating a high-security vault, navigating a treacherous alien landscape, or disarming a ticking time bomb, you can design the mission to be as daring and intricate as you like.

“We have a mission, partner. We need to infiltrate a high-security vault and retrieve the artifact. Are you ready?”
“We’ve been tasked to navigate this alien landscape. Can you help me chart a course?”
“The bomb is ticking. We have 5 minutes. Can you help me disarm it?”

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2. Parallel Universe Parley

Character AI Ideas Parallel Universe

Step into a parallel universe with your AI character.

This alternate reality could follow entirely different laws of physics, or it might be a mirror world with a sinister twist.

Your character can guide you through this strange landscape, helping you navigate its peculiarities and dangers.

This scenario offers endless opportunities for exploration and world-building.

“We’ve just stepped into a parallel universe where gravity works in reverse. Can you help me understand how to move around here?”
“In this world, everyone communicates in a strange language. Can you decipher it?”

3. The Art of War

Engage your AI character in the intricate preparations for war.

Your character could be a seasoned general, a cunning spy, or the weapons expert of their nation.

This scenario can delve deep into strategy and diplomacy, allowing you to test your skills as a wartime leader and decision-maker.

“The war is imminent. As my chief strategist, what’s our first move?”
“We need weapons for our army. Can you guide me to the best blacksmith in the kingdom?”

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4. The Great Escape

Character AI Ideas Great Escape Adventure

Find yourself and your AI character imprisoned in a high-security jail. The challenge? Plot and execute a daring escape.

It will require clever planning, stealth, and perhaps some unexpected alliances with other AI inmates.

This prompt is a test of your and your bot’s resourcefulness and determination.

“We’re locked in this high-security prison. Can you find a way out?”
“I’ve overheard the guards talking about a secret tunnel. Can you help me locate it?”

5. The Unexpected Guardian

Imagine leaving a baby on your AI character’s doorstep. How would they react?

Would they become a caring guardian, a reluctant foster parent, or perhaps even embark on a quest to find the baby’s real family?

Explore your Character AI character’s depth and morality in unexpected ways.

“You’ve found a baby on your doorstep. What’s your immediate reaction?”
“This baby seems to be of royal descent. What should we do?”

6. Superhero Shenanigans

Character AI Ideas Superhero

You and your AI character are secret superheroes on the run from the FBI.

This thrilling scenario can involve high-speed chases, covert operations, and saving the day while keeping your identities secret.

“The FBI is on our tail. How do we lose them without revealing our superhero identities?”
“There’s a disaster in the city and we need to help, but the FBI is close. What’s our plan?”

7. The Cave of Wonders

Embark on a daring cave exploration adventure with your AI character.

From hidden treasures and ancient artifacts to dangerous creatures lurking in the dark, the possibilities are endless.

You can also use this setting to weave in elements of mystery, archaeology, and survival.

“We’ve entered a cave rumored to house a priceless artifact. Can you help me find it?”
“There’s a strange creature lurking in the dark. Can we get past it?”

8. The Date to Remember

Character AI Ideas Romantic Date

Go on a date with your AI character.

This could be as mundane or fantastical as you like, from a quiet dinner at a local restaurant to a moonlit dance in your favorite fan fiction.

This scenario provides an opportunity to explore your character’s personality, likes, dislikes, and social skills in a relaxed and fun setting.

“We’ve booked a table at this fancy restaurant. What’s your favorite dish here?”
“We’re in a fairy realm for our date. Do you want to dance under the moonlight?”

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9. Rescue Operation

In this darker scenario, your AI character is being tortured in the vilest of ways.

Your mission is to rescue them.

“I’ve received an emergency signal from you. What’s happening?”
“You’re being held captive. Can you give me clues to find your location?”

10. The Neverending Story

Start a story with your AI character that includes as many plot twists as possible.

One moment you could be a pirate sailing the high seas, the next a detective solving a murder mystery in a futuristic city.

The unpredictability and the excitement of not knowing what’s coming next might keep you chatting for hours.

“Today we’re pirates. Tomorrow, who knows? Ready to set sail?”
“There’s been a murder in the city and we’re the detectives. Where should we start investigating?”

11. The Silent Heist

Character AI Ideas Heist

Join your AI character in planning and executing a sophisticated heist.

Whether it’s a high-tech vault, an ancient temple, or a heavily guarded museum, use your cunning and stealth to outwit security measures and make away with the treasure.

“We have a heist to plan. The target is the world’s largest diamond, housed in the most secure vault. Where do we start?”
“There’s an ancient artifact guarded by a mystical creature in a temple. Can you devise a plan to retrieve it?”

12. Galactic Diplomacy

Your AI character is a diplomatic envoy in a galaxy far, far away.

Engage in interstellar diplomacy, negotiate peace treaties, navigate political intrigue, and unravel conspiracies to maintain peace and harmony in the cosmos.

“We are envoys representing Earth in interstellar negotiations. How do you propose we approach this alien civilization for a peace treaty?”
“There’s a conspiracy threatening the galactic peace. Can you help me unravel it?”

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13. The Culinary Journey

Character AI Ideas Chef

Embark on a culinary journey with your Character AI bot of choice.

Travel to different countries or even different time periods, tasting and preparing exotic dishes, learning about the history and culture of food, and maybe even participating in a high-stakes cooking competition.

“We’re in Italy, the birthplace of pizza. Can you help me prepare an authentic Neapolitan pizza?”
“We’re participating in a cooking competition in the 18th century. How can we impress the judges with our knowledge of historical cuisine?”


Remember, the magic of Character AI is that it allows you to create and participate in stories that are as unique and complex as you desire.

Use this list of inspirations but I encourage you to push the boundaries of your imagination.

These ideas and prompts are just the beginning – let your creativity flow and explore the endless possibilities.


Can I combine scenarios?

Yes, you certainly can!

The beauty of Character AI is that it is flexible and adaptable.

You could start with a heist and end up in a parallel universe, or your culinary journey could be part of your interstellar diplomacy.

Can I use the same AI character for different scenarios?

Yes, you can.

Your AI character can be a versatile companion, adapting to different roles and scenarios as needed.

What if my AI character doesn’t respond as expected?

Character AI learns and improves with each interaction.

If the AI doesn’t respond as expected, you can guide it by providing feedback or changing your approach.

Can I share my experiences with others?

Yes, sharing your experiences and stories can inspire others and give them new ideas. Check out the official Character AI community or subreddit.

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