Character AI Generator [Free Tool]

Below is a Character AI generator tool I built to provide inspiration for the Character AI character creation process.

Read on for instructions on how to use this to create your very own Character AI bot!



Short Description

Long Description

Character AI Generator Guide

Log in to Character AI and visit the character creation page to get started.

Character AI Generator Create a Character
Click Create a Character

Once you’re on the character creation page, click Edit Details (Advanced) at the bottom.

Character AI Generator Edit Details
Click Edit Details

Lastly, fill in the fields in the Advanced Character Editor by copying and pasting the text from the generator tool above.

Character AI Generator Advanced Creation
Character AI Advanced Creation Screen

Once you have filled out all the sections, hit the save button at the bottom.

You can now chat with your new character by clicking on their profile at the top of the page.

Character AI Generator Save
After saving, click on your new character to begin chatting!

Feel free to add, remove, and edit the text to make it your own.

Hopefully, this tool can serve as inspiration for you to create more intricate and sophisticated characters.

For a more in-depth guide, check out my Character AI Tips post.

Feel free to share this link, and if you have any feedback or ideas to improve the tool please reach out to me!

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