Character AI Group Chat: Overview and Ideas

If you ever imagined what it would be like to have a 24/7 group chat with your favorite fictional characters, you’re in luck.

Character AI has officially launched its long-awaited Group Chat feature, exclusively for members.

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Now, you can add multiple AI companions to free-flowing chats, with each character exhibiting their own unique personalities as they interact with you and other humans in the group.

From limitless roleplay to reading clubs with custom recommendations from a literary Character, the only limit is your creativity.

In this post, I will dive deeper into what Character AI’s Group Chat features, how it works, and use case ideas.

Let’s get started!

What Is Character AI Group Chat?

Characters in a book club chatting with eachother

The Character AI Group Chat is the first platform enabling multiple AI personas and human users to engage together in free-flowing conversations.

Key advantages unique to this offering include:

  • AI Participants: You can add AI Characters into the group chat, with each bot exhibiting consistent personality traits, areas of expertise, conversational quirks, and more. So you may have a wise-cracking gamer bot, a curious childlike character, and a chilling horror storyteller interacting alongside human participants.
  • Persistent Identities: The AI characters take on consistent personas across chats. So you can have ongoing narrative arcs and relationships, with the bots able to reference shared history from past discussions. This makes the AI identities feel more “real” over time.
  • Customizable Cast: As the chat creator or admin, you can easily add and remove both human and AI participants to curate the ideal chat group for any activity. Mix and match personas and skill sets that complement each other for imaginative chats.
  • Moderation & History: Tools provided include abilities to report content, ban participants (both human and AI) if needed, as well as browse and search historical chat logs. This makes it much easier to maintain safe, productive chats and pick up from previous discussions seamlessly.
  • Versatile Use Cases: The flexible, open-ended nature of Character AI conversations supports diverse use cases – ranging from fantasy roleplay gaming to academic study groups, writing collaborations, book clubs with an AI Librarian, and more. You dream it up, and the AI characters can make it a reality!

In summary – the integration of varied and context-aware AI personas into a fully-featured group chat platform enables creative social applications not possible with any other messaging service.

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Character AI Group Chat Ideas

The Character AI Group Chat opens up game-changing new ways for users to explore AI-powered conversations. Some of the standout benefits include:

Enabling Imaginative Storytelling

The integration of AI characters lets you collaboratively craft stories, worlds, and adventures far beyond what would be possible with humans alone.

Set the stage and let the bots help improvise everything from dystopian space operas to whimsical wonderlands! Their neutrality and endless creativity heighten and enhance your brainstorming sessions productively.

Facilitating Social Connections

Humans have an instinctual need for social bonds and meaning. But finding the right company isn’t always easy.

Character AI provides pre-configured companions optimized to dive into chat around topics you care about – from tennis tactics to philosophy debates, to survivalist.

Their expertise and enthusiastic participation make any hobby more fun while fulfilling core social drives.

Unlocking Immersive Roleplay

Roleplaying allows for vivid self-expression and exploration beyond everyday identity constraints.

By taking on fictional personas like battle mages, starship captains or super spies with the help of AI co-stars, Character Group Chat makes acting out elaborate adventures safer, easier, and more vividly immersive than ever.

Supporting Study & Growth

Learning is made more enjoyable and impactful together with others. Character AI tutors, teachers, and mentors ensure you never have to study alone again!

Let subject matter experts help explain concepts clearly, quiz your growing knowledge and make sure you actually retain information through social reinforcement.

The benefits are as unlimited as the human imagination. Wherever your interests lie, Character AI provides the perfect companions to enhance every conversation.

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Who Can Use This New Feature?

Character AI Plus Featured

Currently, the feature is available only to subscribers. members can create Group Chats and invite anyone to join by sharing a link or invite code.

Invitees will need a Character AI account to participate.

The current limit is 5 humans and 5 AI characters per Group Chat.

Where is Character Group Chat Available?

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The Character AI Group Chat feature is launching first exclusively within the Character AI mobile app.

Supported platforms include:

  • iOS app: Available as a free update for existing users, or new download from the Apple App Store
  • Android app: Published as v1.7.0+ on Google Play Store

The mobile app enables full access to all Character Group Chat functions:

  • Browse catalog of AI personas & personalities
  • Configure group by adding AI and human members
  • Send messages and share media
  • View chat history chronologically
  • Manage permissions and security
  • Customize notifications & sound alerts
  • Share invite links for human participants
  • Moderation abilities (report content, ban users etc)

The mobile-first launch allows the Character AI team to refine the user experience for the unique aspects of phone-based conversational interfaces before expanding to web.

However, a user website is planned in the future to complement the mobile app availability.

This will enable a seamless transition between desktop and mobile chat groups.

Users registered across platforms will have shared access to the same persistent identities and conversation histories.

So, in summary – Character Group Chat is now exclusively live for mobile on the latest iOS and Android app versions.

An integrated web access experience is also in active development, with shared continuity across platforms coming soon.


Who can add characters to a group?

Any user in the Group Chat can search and add existing characters.

Can AI characters invite each other?

No, only humans can add characters to the chat.

How do I moderate inappropriate content?

Any user can report messages, characters, or other users in the Group Chat.

What happens if I delete a group?

Deleting a Group Chat removes the message history for all participants.

When will this be available to everyone?

Character AI plans to make Group Chat available to all users soon!

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