Midjourney Free Trial: Limit, Reset & Unlimited [Aug 2023]

April 2023 Update: Midjourney’s Free Trial is currently on hold

Source: Midjourney Discord

The Midjourney free trial consists of 25 free image generations and is a great way to get into creating with generative AI.

However, not everyone has the money to fork over for a paid membership.

In this post, we will provide an overview of the Midjourney free trial.

This includes the Midjourney free trial limit, how to reset or bypass the trial, and how to use Midjourney unlimited.

Midjourney Free Trial Overview

The cool thing about the Midjourney trial is that it basically gives you full access to the platform.

There are no limitations to the quality or speed of image generation on trial accounts.

Midjourney free trial overview
Midjourney free and paid plans overview

Certain features like stealth mode and relax mode are only available to paid subscribers. But these features are by no means essential.

One big difference is that free trial users are not able to work solo by direct messaging the Midjourney bot.

This means you have to generate images with the masses in the general channels.

Why is this a problem?

Well when hundreds of users are inputting prompts into the same Discord channel, you can quickly lose track of where your own prompts and images end up.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what the actual limits are with a free trial account.

Midjourney Free Trial Limit

The Midjourney free trial provides you with 25 free images to generate. In order to create a Midjourney trial, you must create or log into a Discord account.

While the free trial consists of 25 images, you actually get 100 images because Midjourney generates jobs in a 4-image grid.

A frugal user can crop their desired image from this grid by clicking “open in browser” and downloading the full-resolution image grid.

Note: For any business owners or employees, the Midjourney license does not permit commercial use for images generated by free trial accounts

However, once you start getting the hang of Midjourney, you will quickly burn through these free credits.

So the question becomes, how do I get more time on Midjourney?

Reset or Bypass Midjourney Free Trial

Your Midjourney free trial is tied to your Discord account. Some users have multiple Discord accounts.

If you have a Discord account that has not yet accessed a Midjourney trial, technically you will be able to reset the Midjourney trial.

However, it is against Midjourney’s terms and conditions for a user to have more than one account.

Midjourney terms and conditions, tos, midjourney free trial
Midjourney terms and conditions

If Midjourney identifies this behavior, they will ban the accounts in question.

We don’t condone breaking Midjourney’s TOS policy.

But in our research, we came across several videos of users sharing how they use Midjourney unlimited for free by creating several Discord accounts with temporary emails and SMS numbers.

Midjourney Free Forever

Alas, there is no simple method to unlock an unlimited number of free Midjourney generations.

However, there is a way to drastically lower your monthly Midjourney bill.

Midjourney offers one free fast hour each day to the top 1,000 users that rate the quality of Midjourney images.

Midjourney rating system to earn free hour credits

However, this perk is currently only available to paid subscribers.

Note: One fast hour is generally good for about 60 image generations

Keep in mind that you can purchase one fast hour for $4, so you should probably do a little math to see if spending 20-30 minutes rating images is worth your time.

I will say that you tend to learn a lot about prompt structure and get inspiration by rating the work of other Midjourney users.

In our opinion, it would make sense to open this contest to free users as well in order to incentive more ratings. In turn, this would create a higher-quality model that everyone can enjoy.

So while there is no Midjourney free forever… there is Midjourney cheap forever.

Midjourney After Free Trial

Once your free trial ends, Midjourney will no longer process your prompts.

You can still view the Midjourney Discord and community website to see other users’ images.

Midjourney community showcase page
Midjourney public community showcase page

Additionally, the images that you generated during the free trial will still be available on your account page to download.

Now let’s take a look at the Midjourney cost after the free trial ends.

We understand that some folks are on a tight budget, but if you are able to find $10 a month we highly recommend checking out the Basic Plan.

The cheapest Midjourney plan will net you about 200 images per month.

As we mentioned earlier, this can be stretched much further if you take some time to score images in Discord.

This includes both your own generations as well as those of others.


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