Top 5 Free Midjourney Prompt Generators [May 2023]

Our Top Midjourney Prompt Generator Pick: AIPRM for ChatGPT

Are you staring at an empty line in the Midjourney Discord?

Have the perfect image in mind but need to figure out how to make it a reality?

Not sure where to start in your Midjourney… journey?

If you are anything like us, you probably started experimenting with Midjourney by typing in random ideas.

Prompt: majestic sea turtle swimming gracefully in the crystal clear waters, –ar 16:9 –v 4

But as you start to see the image of generations of other users fly by in the Discord chat, you quickly realize how complex and sophisticated this process can be.

No problem because there are several tools to spark inspiration and fine-tune your prompts.

While it is possible to buy Midjourney prompts on marketplaces like Promptbase, in this post we are focused on zero-cost tools.

Let’s jump into the five best free Midjourney prompt generators to supercharge your AI image generation and save you hours.


This is our personal favorite for creating ready-made Midjourney prompts.

AIPRM is a powerful Google Chrome extension that grants access to a library of pre-made ChatGPT prompts.

AIPRM View in ChatGPT

Simply enter a phrase or keyword, and ChatGPT will generate four detailed suggestions for Midjourney prompts.

Midjourney prompt suggestions for “Caribbean island”

We love the option to compare the prompt suggestions side by side. This takes the guesswork out of Midjourney prompt writing.

Midjourney output from Prompt #3 above

AIPRM also introduced us to many new parameters like “created with Blender 3d” and “–ar 16:9”.

2. Promptmania

Our second pick is Promptmania’s prompt builder.

This tool is perfect if you do not want to rely on ChatGPT. It offers a fantastic selection of details and styles.

Source: Promptmania

At first glance, the app appears only to have a small selection of options. However, once you click on “add some detail”, you will find 11+ categories containing several additional styles.

Options range from types of cameras and lighting to various art mediums like “Graphic Novel” and “Street Art”.

3. Hugging Face

Similar to AIPRM, this generator on Hugging Face is great for sparking new ideas and possibilities.

Source: Hugging Face

With this tool, you type in a general idea of what you would like to create and the AI model suggests several iterations with unique Midjourney details and styles.

4. Prompter

Prompter is a cool Midjourney community project that we found on Reddit.

Source: Prompter

The tool was created in Google Sheets and requires a Google account for access.

Prompter comes loaded with 10+ style categories, each including the option to adjust the weight or level of influence the parameter will have in the final image output.

They even sell this awesome Midjourney t-shirt!

The Prompter Midjourney Shirt

5. Midjourney Prompt Generator by Viorel Spînu

Lastly, we found this great option via a Twitter search.

Source: Viorel Spînu

The interface is super simple and the best part…

This app was created using ChatGPT!

Viorel, the website’s creator, even wrote a step-by-step guide explaining how he created the page with AI.

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