The Top 15 AI Newsletters You Need to Follow [2024]

We can’t all live on Twitter 24/7, so we put together a comprehensive list of the best AI newsletters to follow right now.

With the rapid pace of innovation and new product releases in the field of AI, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s actually going on.

These newsletters range from short daily updates to longer forms of in-depth commentary and analyses.

Following these newsletters will save you hours of time otherwise spent scrolling social media. And who knows, you might even come across a headline that inspires your next business idea or passion project!

1. Ben’s Bites

Launched in October 2022, Ben’s Bites tops our list with brief, punchy daily emails that cover new AI tools, how-to guides, and creative AI use cases.

Ben does an amazing job distilling the most interesting tweets and product releases in a way that is easy to understand for anyone, regardless of your technical skill level.

The newsletter currently has over 15,000 subscribers.

2. Tech N Trendz (AI Tools)

Tech N Trendz is a popular TikTok channel that covers practical use cases for AI tools. The videos on this channel provide fun examples of AI use cases such as AI avatar generators, AI video editing, and generative art with tools like Midjourney.

The newsletter launched in December 2022 and features several easy-to-follow how-to guides to get started with AI image and text generation.

3. Data Machina

Data Machina offers a weekly handpicked collection of the latest in AI/ML research, tools, and projects.

The newsletter is currently read by thousands of professionals in the industry and features a bite-size minimalistic format.

Check out Data Machina if you’re interested in learning more about the technical side of artificial intelligence.

You can also follow them on Twitter for more real-time news and updates!

4. Fortune: Eye on AI

Written by Jeremy Kahn of Fortune Magazine, Eye on AI provides a longer form look into the AI industry and the implications of tools like ChatGPT.

We enjoy this newsletter because it provides a connection between the real-time news feed of Twitter and more traditional media outlets.

5. The Road to AI We Can Trust

Written by scientist and founder, Gary Marcus, The Road to AI We Can Trust provides a critical lens into the world of AI. The newsletter covers the second order implications of new artificial intelligence technologies, as well as the ethical dilemmas that we will face.

This is a longer read but incredibly valuable for anyone seeking to gain a stronger grasp of how models like GPT actually function and what that means for the future.

6. The Neuron

The Neuro Daily is a new newsletter that provides short reads and humorous updates in AI world.

It is well organized and has punchy writing. Perfect for a quick dose of AI news!

7. AI Disruption

This is a weekly newsletter written by Alex McFarland, a journalist at UniteAI.

These emails are short and to the point, highlighting the most significant AI developments each week – of which there are usually many!

8. Machine Learnings

Fantastic weekly newsletter written by Sam Debrule of

Check this out if you are looking for AI news and commentary from the perspective of a builder in the space.

9. AI Weekly Digest

More than 10,000 folks have subscribed to Louis Bouchard’s AI Weekly Digest.

This is a weekly email that provides a deeper dive into the ethical and technical aspects of AI. Perfect for those that have already got their feet wet and are ready to dig further!

10. One Useful Thing

This newsletter translates academic research in the field of AI, machine learning, and data science into useful insights for everyday people.

Professor Ethan Mollick explores the intersection of entrepreneurship, psychology, and AI. He also includes interesting commentary about how his students are leveraging AI tools in academic and personal projects.

11. Guide to AI

Guide to AI is a monthly newsletter written by Nathan Benaich of Air Street Capital.

This newsletter is a must-read for anyone looking to gain a more comprehensive grasp of the AI industry, politics, and ethics.

Nathan is also behind the excellent State of AI Report.

12. Import AI

Import AI provides an in-depth look into cutting-edge AI research and explains why it matters in an easy-to-understand manner.

This weekly email is written by Jack Clark, the former Policy Director at OpenAI, and currently has over 10,000 subscribers.

13. AI Tidbits

AI Tidbits is a weekly roundup written by Sahar Mor.

The emails are short, organized, and very visual. Ideal, if you only have a few minutes each week to read about AI news.

14. Last Week in AI

Weekly AI summaries written by graduate students in the field.

This newsletter does a fantastic job of recapping the biggest developments of the week.

The emails are generally centered around research and business-related AI news, while also providing great commentary on public policy and technical implications.

15. Meta Minded

Simple, weekly emails that can be read in less than 5 minutes.

This new newsletter delivers the latest AI tools and resources for the startup and builder audience.


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