Midjourney Gallery: Top 5 Sources of Inspiration [Aug 2023]

If you’re looking for creative inspiration, a Midjourney gallery is the most efficient way to explore popular AI image generations.

Midjourney has unlocked the ability to create high-quality images for millions of users.

The only limit when it comes to Midjourney is your own imagination.

But scrolling through some of the options below can certainly help you get started.

In this post, I will share the top 5 destinations to get inspired by today’s most popular Midjourney creations.

1. Midjourney Gallery Official Showcase

Midjourney Community Showcase Gallery

The official Midjourney gallery is called Community Showcase.

It’s available to the general public and features the top trending and all-time most popular images generated by Midjourney users.

If you hover over each image, you will see the model it was generated on (i.e., /v5_upscale).

You will also see the text prompt used to generate the image.

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Midjourney Seed for Text Prompts

Keep in mind, even if you use the exact same prompt from an image you find in the community showcase, your Midjourney-generated image will likely look much different than what’s featured in the gallery.

There is a massive range of potential outcomes for even the most detailed Midjourney prompts.

One way to minimize the variance between the inspiration image and your own is to use what’s called a seed parameter.

A Midjourney seed parameter is a defined initial starting point used by the model to generate images. Using the same seed and prompt will produce nearly identical images, with slight variations.

Note: Midjourney Showcase does not provide the seed number for images, but sometimes users share these values on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Another limitation of the public Midjourney gallery is that you cannot easily copy the text prompt from images.

This is a feature only available to paid users in the community feed.

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2. Midjourney Community Feed

Midjourney Community Feed Gallery
Source: Midjourney Community Feed

The Midjourney community feed is only available to paid subscribers.

This gallery features a wider range of filters and search options, including filters for ‘rising’ and ‘hot’ images.

You can also copy the entire text prompt for any image you find.

When you click any of the images in the community feed, you can see more info about the generated image.

You can see the parent generation, which is the initial four-image grid generated by the Midjourney bot.

This view also shows additional Midjourney commands used in the prompt, such as –ar (aspect ratio) and –5 (model version).

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Lastly, the text prompt of the image is broken into individual sections.

So you can click any of the comma-separated phrases to view other Midjourney generations that used the same terms.

3. Midjourney Reddit Gallery

Midjourney Reddit Gallery

This one’s my personal favorite.

The official Midjourney subreddit is filled with user submissions. These AI images range from hilarious to awe-inspiring.

If you are on a Reddit mobile app, I recommend viewing the Midjourney subreddit in ‘gallery’ or ‘grid’ mode, depending on which app you use.

I’m usually on a desktop, which unfortunately does not have a gallery view option.

However, I found a site that lets you view any subreddit in gallery format.

Midjourney Gallery view on Reddit
Midjourney Reddit Gallery View

Here’s the link for the Midjourney gallery version.

4. Deviant Art

Deviant Art Midjourney Gallery
Source: Deviant Art

Deviant Art is a social network for artists with over 60 million registered users.

The platform includes a growing number of AI-generated art, including content created by Midjourney.

I recommend viewing this gallery by the most popular for the month.

The only downside with Deviant Art for Midjourney is that most of the posts do not include the original prompt used to generate the image.

So it’s great for art lovers and inspiration, but not so much if you’re on the hunt for a good Midjourney prompt idea.

5. ArtStation

ArtStation Midjourney Gallery
Source: ArtStation filtered to Midjourney only

ArtStation is a platform for artists to showcase their portfolios and sell digital goods.

It’s funny because you may have seen the term “trending on ArtStation” appear in some Midjourney prompts.

Since the platform caters to artists, the quality of the Midjourney images here is quite high.

If you want to view only images that used Midjourney, click on add filter, software, and include Midjourney.

Like Deviant Art, ArtStation posts often do not include the original Midjourney prompt or seed.

Additionally, most of the AI-generated images on ArtStation are enhanced using an AI image editor or tool like Photoshop or Blender.


How do I see my Midjourney gallery?

To view your Midjourney gallery, simply log into the Midjourney website.

By default, you will see every image that you have upscaled.

There is also an option to view every image you have generated in the past by selecting grid view.

Is my Midjourney Gallery public?

Yes, if someone knows your username, they can find your gallery unless you use stealth mode.

Additionally, all your Midjourney images can appear in search results by other Midjourney users.

The Pro plan ($60 per month) offers stealth mode, which is a toggled feature that prevents others from finding your images on Midjourney.com.

Where can I see all my Midjourney creations?

To view your Midjourney creations, log in to your Midjourney account.

Alternatively, you can keep track of your images in Discord more easily if you submit prompts via direct message rather than through one of the public channels.

Are Midjourney images copyrighted?

No, all paid Midjourney subscriptions come with General Commercial Terms.

This means you can use your Midjourney images for any purpose, including business.

The Midjourney license prevents you from claiming ownership of any images, and the US Copyright Office stated that AI-generated images cannot be copyrighted by anyone.

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