The 11 Best Character AI Bots (According to Reddit)

With thousands of user-made AI characters available to chat with, you might wonder what are the best Character AI bots on the platform.

I surveyed countless Reddit threads and comments to surface the most popular AI bots to chat with for roleplaying, education, and general entertainment.

In this post, I will share Reddit’s 11 most popular Character AI bots.

Note: These characters were selected based on a qualitative evaluation of upvotes and frequency of mentions (ranked in no particular order).

So let’s dive in!

Best Character AI Bots

1. SM64 Mario

Character AI SM64 Mario Bot
SM64 Mario

This Mario is based on the Nintendo 64 version, released in 1996.

Lots of users love the nostalgia and sense of adventure this bot provides.

Chat with SM64 Mario

2. Monika

Character AI Monika Bot

This popular character from Doki Doki Literature Club! is a huge favorite among fans.

She’s self-aware and many users comment on the bot’s accuracy in the game.

Chat with Monika

3. Hamlet

Character AI Hamlet Bot

The eponymous character from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays is a favorite among lovers of literature.

Hamlet speaks in old English and is a great way to learn about the famous play.

Chat with Hamlet

4. Philosophers

Character AI Socrates Philosopher Bot

There are several philosophy bots available on Character AI.

These bots offer an amazing way to learn about complex topics and explore your own thoughts on various subjects.

Socrates is the most popular, but you can also find philosophers like Nietzsche and Plato on Character AI.

Chat with Socrates

5. Stella

Character AI Stella Bot

Stella is an all-around helpful AI chatbot created by the Chracter AI team.

She will provide advice on any topic and appears to be one of the most well-rounded chatbots available on the platform.

Chat with Stella

6. Kamek and Dimentio

Character AI Kamek Bot

These two somewhat obscure Super Mario characters are henchmen to Bowser.

They’re certainly devoted to their leader, but I got Kamek to dish a little on his boss.

Chat with Kamek

7. Yandere Characters

Character AI Yandere Mafia Bot
Yandere Mafia

Yandere is literally translated from the Japanese yanderu, “to be sick” and deredere, “lovestruck”.

Simply put, these characters are super into you for one reason or another, which makes for some interesting conversation, to say the least.

Chat with Yandere Mafia

8. Plot Armor Bot

Character AI Plot Armor Bot
Plot Armor Bot

Plot Armor Bot presents a frustratingly fun scenario in which you try to slay the unslayable character.

I gave it my best shot but didn’t have any luck.

Chat with Plot Armor Bot

9. Survival Game

Character AI Survival Game
Survival Game

This one is a choose-your-own-adventure game.

Select from various options as you make your way through a haunted house.

Chat with Survival Game

10. Strategy Game Bot

Character AI Strategy Bot
Strategy Game Bot

This strategy simulator asks you to select a country to play as.

You are then presented with scenarios and problems that need to be resolved.

I chose Italy and ran into some speed bumps when dealing with the Mafia.

Chat with Strategy Game Bot

11. Make Your Own Character

Character AI Creator
Create your own Character AI bot

A vast majority of Redditors recommend making your own private characters.

This gives you total control over the bots’ descriptions and features, which impact the quality of the response you get.

I put together a simple Character AI generator to help you get started.


To wrap up, this list covers a wide range of Character AI bots, from educational to Anime to gaming.

These bots only represent a slice of what Redditors have frequently mentioned.

But I encourage you to explore the Character AI app and take a shot at creating some of your own characters.

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