Character AI Statistics [Dec 2023]

In this post, I will share a collection of Character AI statistics to illustrate the platform’s size, growth rate, and user behavior.

Character AI is a fast-growing chatbot platform that provides an alternative to ChatGPT for users interested in creative expression, roleplaying, and fan fiction.

Users can chat with AI characters, including real-life famous individuals and fictional characters.

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Character AI Statistics for User Base

Character AI’s website has seen significant growth over the past months.

MetricJan 2023Feb 2023Mar 2023Apr 2023May 2023June 2023July 2023Aug 2023Sep 2023Oct 2023Nov 2023Dec 2023
Character AI Website Traffic (Million)65.486.1107.2173.1281.4190.2203.6196.4167.2162.2162.6178.6
Month Over Month Growth %32%25%61%63%-32%7%-4%-15%-3%0%10%
Source: Similarweb

If we use traffic as a rough proxy for users, Character AI is on track to surpass the 100 million user mark set by ChatGPT in February 2023.

User growth rate statistics of major apps like ChatGPT
Source: Company reports, Credit Suisse, CNBC

Character AI Reddit Statistics

The Character AI Reddit has grown rapidly in 2023, approaching 50k subscribers.

Character AI statistics reddit
Source: Subreddit Stats

Looking at user engagement, the official Character AI subreddit is highly active. Most posts are related to UGC (chat screenshots), product feedback, or server downtime.

Character AI statistics reddit
Source: Subreddit Stats

The massive comment spike on January 26, 2023, is associated with a significant server outage.

Since then, much of the subreddit’s discussion has revolved around server queue times and waiting rooms.

Character AI Gender Stats

Most of Character AI’s users are men (60%), which appears roughly in line with the gender distribution for video gaming.

Source: Character AI Reddit

Character AI User Behavior

According to Character AI’s team, the average user spends around two hours daily on the platform.

The average duration of a single session for Character AI users ranges from 25 to 45 minutes.

Source: Semrush

Roughly 75% of Character AI users use the website on mobile devices.

Social platforms have also been a major driver behind Character AI’s rapid growth.

PlatformSocial Traffic Share
Table: Character AI Social Media Traffic Sources

It’s no surprise that Reddit is a major source for the platform’s growth, with users posting chat screenshots, tips, and memes about service outages.

Character AI Feedback

As evidenced by the amount of time spent on the platform, Character AI users are very passionate and vocal about providing feedback.

In a grand poll conducted on Reddit by the Character.AI team, the most popular feedback suggestion was to give users the ability to edit characters’ messages.

Most Important Proposed FeaturePercentage
Give users the ability to manually edit the character’s messages46%
Better memory29%
Try to make characters take more initiative13%
Investigate and attempt to minimize personality drift in long chats6%
Don’t let bots do “(OOC: End RP)”5%
Source: Character AI Reddit

Editing chats (46%) would give users more control over conversations rather than relying on unpredictable and sometimes off-topic AI responses.

Memory (29%) was a close second. This refers to the AI model’s token limit or the maximum number of words it can remember in a conversation.

In long conversations, the AI chatbot will begin to forget details from earlier on, leading to a poor user experience.

Most Important Features

Most Important FeaturePercentage
Better Memory58%
Build a more powerful character creation suite15%
Address some outputs being “overly descriptive and wasting context by filling it with walls of text”15%
Design better training tools for quickly building high-fidelity characters9%
Design a more fleshed-out following/follower & social system3%
Source: Character AI Reddit

Feature Suggestions

Another major feedback for the platform is to minimize personality drift in longer chats.

Investigate and attempt to minimize personality drift in long chats34%
Investigate love-at-first-sight or befriending issues (happening too quickly/frequently)22%
Increase the variance between swipes20%
Investigate extreme mood swings in characters12%
Investigate feedback that personalities are too clear-cut good or bad rather than nuanced/grey12%
Source: Character AI Reddit

Response Quality

In a developer-issued poll, most users responded that they were very unsatisfied (42%) with character responses.

Quality of Character ResponsesPercentage
Very Satisfied9%
Very Unsatisfied42%
Source: Character AI Discord

This is surprising, given the overwhelming popularity and growth of Character AI.

The user base has a love/hate relationship with the platform and is clearly willing to overlook some of Character AI’s shortcomings.

Content Filters

Character AI has faced significant criticism from its user base around the topic of content filters for NSFW and suggestive topics.

Reason for Content FiltersPercentage
Devs are afraid of the AI doing/saying things that could get them in trouble.39%
Filter is the product24%
Devs think free speech is dangerous and are puritans18%
Other (Comment)7%
Devs believe AI saying whatever they want could be dangerous.7%
Devs are simply working on their own filter instead of using OpenAI. Filter is not the product.5%
Source: Character AI Reddit

Most users (39%) reported that Character AI’s developers are afraid of the AI acting in an unethical or illegal manner.

Other users believe the content filter is simply part of the final product (24%).

Either way, the content and behavior filter will be a major challenge for Character AI’s team to address in the near future.

Character AI Revenue & Valuation

In March 2023, Character AI raised $150 million, putting the company at a $1 billion post-money valuation.

Character AI is currently free and pre-revenue.

Replika, a similar AI chatbot, charges roughly its 250k subscribers $69.99 annually.

Illustrative Revenue and Valuation Forecast

Monthly Traffic (April 2023)107,000,000
Estimated Annual Traffic (2023)3,123,000,000
Avg. Session Duration (minutes)25
/ Avg. Daily Time on Platform (minutes)120
= Estimated Unique Traffic21%
Unique Monthly Users54,218,750
x Free to Paid Conversion2.00%
Paid Users1,084,375
x Potential Annual Fee (Replika)$69.99
Estimated Potential Annual Revenue$75,895,406
x D2C SaaS Revenue Multiple10.0x
Estimated Valuation$758,954,063
Table: Character AI Revenue and Value Estimate (2023), ApproachableAI

Character AI User Age

According to Character AI’s guidelines, users under 13 years of age (16 in the EU) are prohibited from using the platform.

Looking at Character AI’s age distribution, it’s clear the service appeals primarily to younger users.

Source: Similarweb

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